Common sense is not always Common practice

Have you ever experienced that someone says he understands you fully since it is so logical, even trivial, and does almost the opposite a minute later? It seems that common sense, what most people know is right, is not always common practice, what most people do. Why is that? First of all, some habits are so deeply rooted that it is almost part for their nature. Secondly, it seems to be very hard for people to objectively analyze their behavior and see their pitfalls. Thirdly, it requires significant discipline to do things in the right way instead of the easy way. It is so much easier to judge and stay passive than to have the courage to take action, and of course, experience resistance. Common sense is often assumed to be common practice, but it is quite different. This is especially true for 'soft-skills'. Interested in these and other topics, register for the ESD 2019 workshops